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The Oil Cleansing Method



Clean my face with oil?  What?

The objective of using this popular cleansing method known as The Oil Cleansing Method,  is to deep clean while balancing pH and our skins oil production at the same time. The main benefit (there are many) of using this oil cleansing method is that you will fall in love with your skin, and never ever break up (or break out)  with it again.  You will see redness and irritations subside, and see your skin losing that clogged up “congested,” thick feeling.  My favorite,  is that you will find yourself admiring your skins smooth translucent glow. Makeup goes on like a dream and you will need LESS of it, and if you are older (like me) the under eye “bag” area improves quickly.

Why are commercial cleansers so bad for your skin?   Well, your skin has a thin protective layer called the acid mantle that’s made up of amino and lactic acids that mix with fatty acids from the sebaceous glands, which secrete oil that protects your skin. So, the sebaceous glands are super concentrated most highly on the face and the which is where the skin is delicate and exposed.   AS LONG AS YOUR ACID MANTLE IS IN PLACE YOUR SKIN WILL LOOK AND FEEL AMAZING, and breakouts will disappear or be very minimal.

When you wash your hair and face with chemical laden store bought/commercial shampoos and soaps, you are washing away the dirt that’s clogging your pores or your making your hair gross, BUT you are ALSO washing away the oils that protect it.  When you have no natural oil protection for your skin, it becomes unbalanced, can over produce oil OR it gets dry, which leaves skin vulnerable to the things that make you break out.

IF you have blackheads, those pesky things practically jump out of your pores after a few days (easily removed with a good facial or carefully by you). NOTE: Blackheads have to be manually removed sometimes. Especially if they have existed in your skin for a good while.  AFTER the oil cleansing method is the BEST time to gently remove them OR better yet, get a facial.  Let the Esthetician know that you need a deep cleaning facial with steam and extractions. (Some will not do extractions, so be sure to check that out before you make appointment)

Thus you are most likely (along with millions of others)  stuck in the consumer skin care cycle that feeds the beauty industry.   You have to keep buying expensive cleansers or wipes in order to constantly clear out your pores, but those cleansers continue to make your pores vulnerable, so then you also have to buy moisturizers and creams and treatments

Oil Cleansing Method The Oil Cleansing Method is a perfect and highly effective solution.  Your skin will look and feel like velvet or satin, it is a little miracle that you will absolutely marvel over.  The main thing here is that the pH level of the acid mantle on your skin is about 5 to  5.5, or known as slightly acidic (the pH scale is 1-14,  with 7 being neutral, 1 being very acidic, and 14 being very alkaline).  Once you stop using your alkaline skin care products and find products that are more like your acid mantle, only slightly acidic, you will be in skin heaven.

So, stop using the “stuff” you use right now to clean your skin.  Sounds a little shocking,  I know how you feel, I was a Debbie Downer at first.  However, so many people swear by the oil cleansing method, that I just had to try it, fully expecting it to be a bad decision.  But it was not, oh no it was the very best decision I had made in a long long time. and now 20 years later, I am stil in love with this cleansing method.

So the simple science behind it is this.  The amazing plant oils you are going to use  has no pH level, because it is  insoluble in water (without a surfactant) and so it won’t affect the pH level of your skin. The mere  fact that it is really insoluble in water is why it makes for a good cleanser .  More science, oil is lipophilic, which means, oil dissolves in oil.  Like dissolves like.

The beautiful thing that happens is that when you use an oil like camellia, grapeseed or jojoba to clean your face, you are dislodging the grime, dead skin cells, and dirt that clogs your pores and then you  wipe it away without disturbing or taking off the sebum from your sebaceous glands, which is the acid mantle that protect your skin.

The second step is to find a good toner, that is slightly acidic  like your skins’ acid mantle so that your skin will be “happy” and not stripped or altered.  Think about witch hazel blended with an herbal infusion or two as a toner, and it does turn out that witch hazel is the base-main ingredient of most toners on the market.  Witch Hazel  has a pH of 3,  but a  ratio of 1 to 1 solution of witch hazel and water would have a pH of 5 so you can find a toner with some witch hazel, distilled water and an herbal infusion for your skin type. . . The benefit of using toner during the day (between washing in am and pm)  is that it cleanses your face while supporting its pH balance (acid mantle).

The third step is to find an oil moisturizer comprised of high quality plant oils aka carrier oils  such as: Camellia, Jojoba, Argan, Sea Buckthorn, Avocado, Tamanu, Rose Hip, Sunflower. A blend is always better than a single oil most of the time because you get more benefits.  Getting beauty benefits from several oils just ups your gorgeous game, dontcha think?

You can make your own oil blend, or purchase my product that I sell in my Etsy SkinFoodFix shop.  Next blog is the down and dirty details of how to easily “do” the oil cleansing method.  Here are some tips and tricks to get you started with the oil cleansing method

the oil cleansing method
The Oil Cleansing Method – Organic and non gmo, vegan skin care


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