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Oil cleansing method how to do it

For the step by step and the “why” of oil cleansing method please read on.

IF you wear make-up, this is really & truly the BEST way to deep clean your pores every night.  Sorry to be a bubble burster, but those makeup wipes that cost way too much, are not cleaning your face properly.  Think about it, how could it clean your face with no water, no rinsing?  Save some $ and give the oil cleansing method a try because you won’t believe what you have been missing.

A. Good quality cotton wash cloth OR a good microfiber cloth with raised texture to it.(buy it here )   2. Warm running water.  3. Headband or clips to pull hair back.   4. Oil Cleanser

B. Apply 2 pumps or a quarter size of the oil in your palm. Distribute it dot by dot on the face, OR rub between palms and distribute to entire face and neck.  Massage in circular motions for about 2 minutes.  Add in a few splashes of warm water, massage for 30 seconds more.  Now you have an emulsion on your face.

C.  Dunk wash cloth into very warm water and then squeeze out. Apply entire cloth onto face and let it steam for a few moments.

D. Begin gently wiping off face and neck with both sides of warm wash cloth.  Rinse wash cloth well, in warm running water.  Repeat step C.  Begin wiping off the oil again, using both sides of cloth. If you have eye makeup smeared, use q-tips to coax it off.

E. Now bend towards sink and rinse 10 times in warm water, and 5 times in cold. pat Dry.  You may or may NOT need anything else at this point.  Some people use a toner, others do not need to.  IF you use a toner, use a natural one that won’t strip your skin. Witch Hazel mixed with rosewater is perfect. Wipe gently with cotton soaked in the toner. Use both sides of cotton pad.

IMPORTANT DETAILS:  I did not want to confuse the steps or get too wordy, so that you could clearly see the instructions.  so now I want to give you tips and details:

–Never use oil on dirty skin without completely removing it.

–Don’t use olive oil, straight castor oil, or mineral oil as your oil cleanser.  These 3 just seem to clog pores or cause a reaction in too many people.  You can buy my skin products at my etsy store skinfood”fix”,  I have amazing oil cleansing blends for skin “types” and they are cold pressed, organic oils with real organic certification paperwork. Or, you can go here to purchase a skin cleansing oil or make a blend on your own.  Castor oil 25% Argan or Grapeseed Oil 50%, or buy here Camellia or Avocado 25%.  Castor oil is important because it is the BEST oil to break down makeup and clear pores of dirt and grime. HOWEVER, don’t use it straight. Only use it 25% of your blend.

–Be sure the water you use is very warm, it is important because it allows the oils to melt the dirt and sebum in your pores, and set it free.  Cold water will NOT work.

–Unless your skin is dirty in the morning, you probably won’t need to do The Oil Cleansing Method,  many people like to do it anyway.  But, if you don’t, you can rinse well with warm water, and use a toner on cotton.  If you are oily-acneic, then use a natural soap that has oils as ingredients. Charcoal Soap, goats Milk Soap, etc. Don’t use anything with the word “Fragrance” “perfume” in it.  Be sure that the soap is all natural, all the way.  Etsy has a plethora of handmade soaps like this one that is charcoal and rhassoul clay, which are both AMAZING for oily/acne skin.

Putting Oil Cleansing Method into a daily/weekly skin care routine is simple.  You will need the following products as basics, if you want to add in anti-aging serums, please do!

1. Oil Cleanser

2. Oil Serum Moisturizer Blend (You don’t need an eye cream if you have a high quality one. Get a really good one here)

3. Toner (Rosewater and Witch hazel, or Hungarian Water, Or Micellar Water)

4. An exfoliant used 3-5 X a week AFTER cleansing and BEFORE toning

5. A Mask used 2X a week AFTER cleansing and BEFORE toning

Want to GLOW like you just had a facial?  Cleanse, exfoliate, mask, tone, moisturize, and then ADMIRE your face.

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