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Where your acne is, can tell you a lot about the “cause”

Eastern medicine uses body “mapping” to diagnose disease.  Have a look at this diagram and information to see if you find a helpful “link” to your acne.

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EstroBlock dim for Acne & Hormonal Acne

EstroBlock is well known by many sufferers of Acne as a miracle pill.  I will tell you all about it here, and let you decide if you want to consider trying it for yourself or a loved one.


The company states the following:   Indications
For people that want to naturally improve their good to bad estrogen ratio.

Ingredients of Estro Block
Diindolymethane, Vitamin E, blend of Indole 3 Carbinol, Chrysin, D-Glucoronolactone,( The highly concentrated dose of DIM, Diindolylmethane, Indole-3-Carbinol is converted in the gastric area in much lower dosages to reduce unnecessary forms of estrogens. Now added to this incredible combination of potent phytochemicals including Chrysin, D-Glucuronolactone, and the new comer Wasabi Root, which are typically only found in over 4 pounds of raw cruciferous vegetables, has a positive effect in the use of just 2 capsules a day! Futhermore, Wasabi Root provides a unique concentration of isothiocyantate.) Wasabi Root, Phosphatidyl-Choline, Other Ingredients: Sunflower Lecithin, Rice Flour

Use one capsule with food, two times daily as directed by physician. For weight management take two capsules, twice daily with a snack, between meals.

So what is DIM you may ask? DIM is short for Diindolylmetane,  a byproduct as a result of digestion from the compound known as I3C (indole-3-carbinol).  This I3C is found in dark green cruciferous vegetables like kale or  broccoli. Apparently, you would have to eat a few pounds of Kale and Broccoli to get enough of “this” ingredient daily.

Daily intake of the Estro Block Pill aids  healthy hormone balance
It will mitigate some effects of excess estrogen which causes hormonal acne (chin cysts in example) and it offers a wonderful dose of anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory benefits that anyone will benefit from.  You may need a little more help with that annoying recurring hormonal acne around your chin, or help clear the back acne that is so very stubborn.

I thoroughly believe that a  holistic lifestyle, deletion of  heavily processed foods, managed stress, getting out and moving your body, natural chemical free gentle skin care, are basic yet important components for healthy skin and should not be ignored, but for many, Estroblock, is like a little cherry on top that may the last frontier of  your acne mystery/journey.

A very pleasant side effect of taking Estro Block  is weight loss, imagine that? Clear skin and dropping some pounds?

Check out what others are saying about it go here to read reviews on Estro Block


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Oil Cleansing Method Tips Tricks

There is not a  strict “science” behind the implementation of the oil cleansing method, you can really work it to fit your needs and skin type.  I have listed here for you a few creative ideas or “tweaks” that you may want to try or adopt in your cleansing routine.

Clarisonic Brush – IF you have one of these, then you can incorporate it into the oil cleansing method.  1.Apply the oil to your damp skin, and massage it all around for a moment.  2. Now wet the Clarisonic or other cleansing brush and turn on.  3. Now use it on your skin, and there will be an “emulsion” starting. Do this for more than a minute.  4. RINSE your brush well, and start again.  5. After a minute, you will want to remove the oil from your face with a very warm wet wash cloth. Use both sides.  6. NOW rinse face 5 times, and follow with cool rinse.

IF YOU feel your skin needs a little “extra cleaning” on certain days, try this:  Do the oil cleansing method (full instructions HERE) and then follow up with a quick lathering of Charcoal Soap Bar or Goats Milk Soap Bar. Rinse well.

An oil such as Jojoba or Argan for example mixed with some sugar makes a very good facial or skin exfoliant.

When cleansing with oil, always be sure to thoroughly remove all the oil, check behind ears, and neck also.  For me, I use a warm wet wash cloth more than 2 times. Usually I rinse it, and re use 3 times. It makes my skin feel very clean, and it is important to me, because I have oily skin.

The oil blend is a multi tasker!  Use your skin cleansing oil to shave arm pits and legs. The razor glides easily and there is no irritation, plus, your legs will be  all moisturized for the day.  Try the skin cleansing oil on your cuticles, or on a q-tip to remove stubborn mascara or eye make-up. It also melts and removes the darkest of lipstick. Works well on the ends of your hair for an oil treatment or on the scalp if it is dry or irritated, or coated with dead skin cells.  My next post will be about oils and which ones are for which skin type.  Comedogenic is the word we will focus on.