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Russian Cambrian Blue Clay
Russian Cambrian Blue Clay
Russian Cambrian Blue Clay
Russian Cambrian Blue Clay

Russian Cambrian Blue Clay

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Get Ready to GLOW - This is loaded with effective skin cleansing, nourishing anti-aging minerals !
When I first experienced this clay in a facial mask, I could not believe the silky feel of it. As it dried i did not feel that tight drawing, just a firming. The color was lovely blue-green as it dried. Most notable was the way it rinsed off of my skin, easily and softly. I was impressed with the all one color tone my skin had and the incredible softness. I also noted that clogged pores were much lessened.

*Benefits of Russian Cambrian Blue Clay
It draws out oils and toxins, cleans pores, and helps fade acne scars.
Fights pimples and blackheads while helping fade acne scars
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Smooths cellulite for smoother, beautiful skin
Minimizes pore size and improves the overall complexion
Relieves pain when applied as a warm pack and cover with warm cloth
Cleanse scalp and encourage hair growth
Made from nature and is safe to use on face and body

Cambrian blue clay: has persistent pull-up properties; it cleans, restores and renews the epidermis; refreshes the skin - making it smooth and supple; minimizing the appearance of wrinkles; stimulates blood circulation and enhances the metabolism of the skin cells; through its regenerating properties has a potent anti-aging action.

Cambrian blue clay also has shown effective in relief from: eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, chronic rheumatism, neuralgia, osteoarthritis, muscle/joint aches and pains, arthritis.

HOW TO USE: Cleanse skin well and be sure water is warm you cleanse with

Scoop out some powder clay with a wood spatula, ceramic or plastic spoon (not metal, it ruins the charge of the minerals ions), apply with a mask brush or fingers on CLEAN FRESHLY WASHED face, or body (Avoid eyes). After 10-15 minutes remove with warm wet wash cloth. Rinse well, follow with 5 cool rinses/splashes. Apply toner and then a light moisturizer or gel.
Your skin may be tingly or it may be pink, this is temporary.

Detox? Apply the mixed moist WARM clay on areas you wish to detox. Cover areas with plastic, then a blanket or big towel. Rest for 30 minutes. Shower off while massaging the areas well.

Please NOTE this is a clay and you will need to add liquid to make a paste. I provide you with a spatula wood stick and a mixing cup

Keep jar closed at all times to prevent water from entering. Do not ingest

I also have a luxe soap bar listed here. it is made with Russian Cambrian blue Clay and Organic Blue Tansy oil. It is a silky slippery creamy lather that leaves your skin wanting more. Hand made, no dues no perfumes.

Lifestyle ideas: Drink plenty of water daily. It has been written and spoken about that Supplements like Fish Oil, Omegas, Pro Biotics, MSM Magnesium,could make a noticeable change in your skin and energy levels. Everything starts in your gut, and if you have digestive problems, then your skin will show it. Wash and nourish (moisture) your face 2X day-night. Exfoliate 3-6 X a week, mask 2 X a week.
*Change your pillow case every day if you have oily skin and acne, or psoriasis*

Vegan Paraben-Free Phthalate-Free Gluten-Free Cruelty Free Non GMO