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10" cedar soap tray dish
10" cedar soap tray dish 10" long spanish cedar
10" cedar soap tray dish

10" Cedar Soap Tray Dish

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Did you become obsessed with our all-natural, hand-crafted soaps like we did and run out of the perfect place to keep them? We’ve got you covered!

This 10” long, high-quality, Aromatic Spanish Cedar Wood tray is made with naturally decay-resistant wood, which has a pleasant spicy cedar aroma (and its rich natural wood color looks and smells great in your bathroom too.) 

Use it to store four or more of our soaps, your razor, or any other skincare products. Do it for the gram (and to keep your soap nice)!

This slated Spanish cedar wood is light tan to red in color. Since it is highly decay resistant, cedar wood is typically used in the outdoor construction of wood fences, decks, roofing, and siding, so you can rest assured that this soap dish can handle any water messes.