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Vegan Paraben Free Phthalate Free,Gluten Free Cruelty Free Non GMO,Pure Organic,no fillers,no additives,Moroccan Argan Oil Pure

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What is it: YOUR own Customized Oil Blend for Face, Body, Hair

Choose your bottle-type-size

Choose your BASE oil (70% of your blend will be this base oil)

Choose up to 4 add in oils to customize your base oil

Ships in 1-3 days depending on how many orders a day for this custom blend.

Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba) is the liquid that comes from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) plant, which is a shrub native to southern Arizona, southern California and northwestern Mexico. Although called an oil, it’s actually a liquid plant wax and has been used in folk medicine for a number of ailments. Native Americans use jojoba oil for treating sores and bruises.

Face Moisturizer – Apply four to six drops in the morning and at night before bed.

Body – apply after shower, or anytime for skin loving softness and moisture

Hair Moisturizer – Add three to five drops to your conditioner or apply a few drops to damp hair after showering. apply at bed time for intense therapy.

Wrinkles – Use one to three drops of jojoba oil and apply it to wrinkled areas, then rub it into your skin in a circular motion until it’s absorbed.

Makeup Removal – Add three to five drops of oil to damp skin. Massage in circles, remove make up with warm moist pads or warm wash cloth. Splash with warm water, then use toner on cotton pads. No moisturizer needed

Lip Balm – Apply one to two drops of jojoba oil to your lips whenever needed.

Fight Infections – Add one to three drops to the infected or irritated area twice daily. (Tamanu is the best choice)

Multi-Purpose All Natural Organic Moisturizer helps with any skin type, hair growth and hair protection
Use it on: Face, eye area-crows feet, lips, body, cuticles, hair, beard, eye lashes

I have 3 sizes for you to choose from!
1 Ounce or 2 Ounce Glass Pump Top Bottle – the top on mine never allows air to get in the bottle OR allows you to spill it by mistake. It is a treatment pump, air tight! No spills, no waste.
OR Glass Roller Ball Style application 1/3 oz = again, no spills, no waste. works great around the eye area application with this roll on.

Vegan Paraben-Free Phthalate-Free Gluten-Free Cruelty Free Non GMO

DISCLAIMER: *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. I am not making medical claims, this is not intended to treat cure or heal, I am not promising a cure


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