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4 ounce spray bottle

Hot Flashes are so intense, along with being such an interruption of your life.
I am a flasher, and have been hot for 2 years now. I cannot imagine a more embarrassing or irritating thing, really.
Having tried Black cohosh and other herbs, I saw a small change, but was still flashing, albeit not as often. It was summer, 4th of July to be exact, and all the family wanted to go to the beach, except for me. My absolute favorite place in the world had become the Sahara and torturous to me. I was already so hot that I could just scream.
I felt a hot flash along with a tension headache coming on, and reached for my little roll on vial of Peppermint Oil. It was in the cooler that I had brought to go on the beach vacation, I had thrown it in there on the way out of the house (hot flashing and rushing around) last minute. As I reached into the cooler, the ice bag was delightful to touch, and I noticed the vial of peppermint oil was practically frozen, and as I massaged it into my temples, and back of neck, the icy cold peppermint oil not only relaxed me, but the hot flash seemed to be subsiding, and had not gone full blown. As the ceiling fan whirled around, the air from it felt cold on the places I had rubbed the peppermint roll on…..DING DING went my brain…………….

Forward a year later, this Hot Flash Mist is a big hit on my website, and I am feeling a whole lot cooler :}

I created a recipe using 3 Pure Organic essential Oils of Peppermint and Geranium with a dash of Lemon. Organic witch hazel, and Pure Distilled water finish off the product.
I packaged this cooling delight into a high quality recycled aluminum spray bottle. The aluminum keeps the liquid very cool.

The Essential Oil of peppermint has many great properties along with smelling sweet and feeling cool on the skin. Peppermint actually reduces skin irritations and redness.
The essential oil of Geranium is sweet-smelling and is known to uplift your mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness.
The essential oil of Lemon has a fresh, sharp citrus scent that is refreshing and cooling on the skin. Think of it as a cold glass of lemonade for your skin

TIPS: Keep this in the refrigerator or take with you & pack it in a small lunch thermal sack with a cold pack. It is absolutely amazing to use when it is very cold. The effects are even faster than when it is not in the refrigerator. Works well either way though, because the recycled aluminum spray bottle keeps liquids cool.


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