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booty polish scrub stretch marks
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Body Scrub + Firming Gel
Body Scrub + Firming Gel
Body Scrub + Firming Gel

Body Scrub + Firming Gel

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What is it? A highly effective booty scrub and firming gel, that instantly rejuvenates and brings radiance and smooth like butter softness to your skin!

Stretch marks on hips, thigh, booty, stomach? Acne? Dullness? Well, not after you start using this dynamic duo! Say goodbye to dry lifeless skin, and say hello to smooth. The fruit acids in the polish will clear dead cells that can cause bumps, acne, ingrown hairs, and dull skin. The firming gel is oil-free and has healing botanicals that reduce inflammation and plump the skin tissues.

The Booty Scrub - We literally made this dreamy scrub-polish just for your booty,  hips, thighs, and bikini area using a finely milled blend of walnut powder, organic orange extract, alpha hydroxy acids of malic, glycolic, tartaric, combined with the very popular rosehip seed oil and jojoba oil, willow bark extract flower extracts, pro-vitamin b5, mint, and...umm yeah, that was actually all we could fit in the jar!

The Booty Firm Gel - All-natural with 0 dyes, perfumes, or toxins, just like the scrub. It is safe for your face as well. Plant extracts like aloe jelly, eggplant extract, red seaweed, holy basil, ivy gourd, and lemon + lime peel oils will instantly firm the skin and give a radiant healthy glow. It dries very fast so you can get dressed. It does not leave any residue at all. Use it twice a day for extra firming.

This carefully studied and selected combo of amazing plant-based extracts has created a unique body polish and firming gel that exfoliates and tones to reveal a radiant and glowing booty that will cause people to stare!

Our exclusive blend is an original that you won't find anywhere else. It really is all dat!

How to use: In the shower, wet skin areas, apply a quarter-size dollop to wet hands, massage in medium pressure circular motions for a minute per area. Rinse, pat dry, apply Booty Firm Gel. 

What does it feel like? - The Booty Polish is a fine dense exfoliant that is similar to the feeling and texture of sand. It lathers lightly upon meeting with water, making it a very enjoyable sensation. The Booty Firm Gel is cooling, refreshing, gel-like.  

What does it smell like? The Booty Polish has a slight hint of mint and some orange, it is completely natural, with no perfumes. The Gel smells a little sweet, very fresh like passionflower.

When will I see results? The first time you use the set! Results vary, but they always are improved with daily use.

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