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Lips dry chemo radiation calendula balm
Calendula Lip Balm
Calendula Lip Balm

Calendula Lip Balm

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What is it? A lip savior for irritation, dryness, chapped lips and lip sores.

The star ingredient soothing healing, organic calendula oil helps encourage new growth tissue, fights bacteria and yeast, calms redness, softens, hydrates, heals. It works in hours, and even better overnight.

Chemotherapy or Radiation Cancer Treatments dry out your lips, badly. Fight back with this wonderfully healing moisture balm made from all natural ingredients. 

Packaged in .15 oz oval flat tube with BP free plastic

This vegan lip balm is formulated with organic cold pressed kokum butter, fair trade shea butter, cocoa Butter, heal-all plant oil, and calendula plant oil. No perfumes, no dyes, no junk.

The silky texture of this balm gives your lips a glow and satin finish while providing essential hydration. The harsh elements such as the sun, hot or cold winter temperatures, and heating or air-conditioning can parch and affect the very delicate skin on your lips. This super-nourishing lip balm is infused with a blend of plant-based oils and butters. Did you know that lips do not have oil glands? Which is the reason they dry out so quickly! 

Please note: Product may soften if left in the sun or a car during warmer months. Use caution when opening. This in no way affects the quality of the product or its benefits. To reform the balm, simply place in the refrigerator or cool place for an hour.

Tips and things to keep in mind:

- Smoking will greatly decrease the ability of your lips healing

- HYDRATE! Water is your friend.

- Use raw coconut oil to swish in your mouth daily. (spit after a few minutes) This stuff is going to help everything in your mouth!

- Be sure you take the following 3 vitamins daily. Vitamin D 1000, Zinc 30 or 50

- Lips are naturally dry. Your lips don’t have oil glands, So, it can be very difficult for your lips to retain moisture. The absence of oil glands also means that your lips do not produce natural moisturizing factors, or elements that keep your skin's outer layer protected and hydrated

- Your lips don’t have much of an outer layer at all. unlike the rest of our skin, many areas of the lips do not have a stratum corneum (a.k.a. the top layer of skin). This is kind of like our armor, it’s an intricately woven barrier comprised of fats, proteins and dead skin cells. This barrier is used to help protect the skin when it’s dry, and is also responsible for some of your body's built-in UV protection.

- Keep in mind that your lips are naturally more sensitive than the rest of your skin, and any dryness or peeling can likely be combatted with a few swipes of a good quality lip oil or balm. But avoid waxy fragranced or dyed ones. 

- Lay off some of the salty foods for a while to let your lips heal

- Licking your lips a bunch is probably the worst thing you can do for dry lips. Saliva is comprised of enzymes that are meant to break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, which are what your lips are made of, you are literally digesting your lips when you lick them, yikes!

- Your lips are already missing that top later of skin with built-in UV protection. So if you're out in the sun without an SPF lip balm on, chances are the skin on your lips will peel. Sun cooks the water out of your skin and that can leave it drier in areas that are already naturally on the drier side

Possible conditions:

Yeast overgrowth - Do you have an underbite? Or perhaps you drool in your sleep? These factors can cause yeast overgrowth (and in turn, a yeast infection in the mouth area). This type of infection can lead to dry, flaky skin around the mouth, and sometimes even fissuring (when you get small cracks in the corners of the mouth),

Cheilitis - With this condition, the lip skin has been so damaged from things, or lack of things, and especially chronic sun exposure so much so that they can’t repair normally, without a lot of help, and those vitamins mentioned above. Actinic cheilitis is more common among older individuals.

Dermatitis - An allergic reaction will cause not only peeling, but also a diffused redness and swelling around the lips. An allergic reaction is usually also itchy, rather than scaly. This could be caused by ingredients in your makeup, skincare, or even your toothpaste. Cinnamic acid or cinnamon derivatives are a common allergen in toothpaste that people can get irritated lips

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