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Jewelweed Soap for Poison Ivy
Jewelweed Soap for Poison Ivy

Jewelweed Soap for Poison Ivy

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Jewel Weed to the rescue! This soap is all about stopping the itch AND spreading of Poison Ivy / Poison Oak

5 oz bar - ships in 1 day-- This is a LARGE bar, thus the price is $7.50

Poison Ivy Oil is called Urushiol, and it is extremely non-drying sticky oil, so it is easy to spread to different parts of your body, especially if your contact was with your hands. The poison ivy resin oil can also be spread through clothing that has come in contact with the plant, animal fur, and smoke inhalation by burning. If caught early, you can help prevent getting poison ivy, by washing exposed skin within 30 minutes of exposure or if you know poison ivy, poison oak and sumac was in the area you frequented.

Ingredients: Jewelweed Soap (All Natural, Vegan)
Ingredients: Olive Oil, Aloe Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Palm Oil, Jewelweed Oil, Fennel Seed, Pine Tar, Tea Tree, Black Walnut Hull, Witch Hazel, Chickweed, Plai\ntain Leaf, Calendula, Echinacea, Black Walnut Leaf, Sodium hydroxide is used to "make" or process soap, and it disappears completely. All soaps are made with sodium hydroxide, it is the saponification of the oils into "soap"

Do you love Outdoors, are you a landscaper, camper, hunter or fisherman? This soap is said to help prevent bug bites, SO WASH WITH IT BEFORE you go on adventures, and as well as WHEN YOU COME BACK.!, Helps skin problems such as itching, bug bites, plant irritations, it is very lathery - plus soothing and silky feeling. Use on face chest back or all over the body and let it soothe, moisturizes skin, THIS SOAP SMELLS AMAZING, good to clean up the body, armpits, groin area, pores and reduce oil, remove grime. The aroma is woodsy, fresh, crisp. BONUS: The palms of your hands will feel so soft too AND if you wash the bottom of your feet, you will have fresh smelling toes!

i offer this as just the soap, or as a small gift with a muslin bag and a cedar wood soap dish! (photo of the dish is in pics )

Directions: Use anytime you like! BUT IF YOU have just had contact with Poison Ivy or Poison oak, then do this: Remove all clothing, place by themselves in the washing machine. Immediately take a warm shower and suds this soap up from your head to toes and bottom of feet, wash thoroughly leaving soap on the skin for 1 minute or so. Rinse well. Use corners of soap bar to get into the corner of your nose and also chin or elbows, crevices. Perfect for genital and anal areas as well. Works great all over the body. Returns your natural skin pH to a comfortable and healthy one. If you wash in time, you will STOP the spread. Use it anytime you have been outdoors working with nature.

*******Why you don't want to use the bars of "soap" from the store. Most of these are beauty bars, not even real soap. Real soap has real oils in it. Most store soaps have tallowate (animal fat), almost all have synthetic oils, perfumes, colorants, phthalates. These ingredients may wreak havoc on your skin and your nervous system. An example is this ingredient used in nearly all soap bars at your grocery store: Sodium tallowate: It is a salt of Tallow ( it is a substance extracted from the fatty deposits of animals, especially from suet (the fat of cattle and sheep). soap, because of its fat content, it can be a problem for breakouts). According to The Soapmakers Companion (Susan Miller Cavitch) "Quite a bit of controversy surrounds the use of tallow in soap making. It is thought to clog pores, cause blackheads, and increase the incidence of eczema for individuals with sensitive skin."
How It's Made: by mixing Tallow with Lye (a solution containing water and an alkali).
Summary: This cheap and readily available Dove soap, Dial Soap ingredient cleanses your skin, but may worsen or cause acne.**

Soy Free Gluten Free Alcohol free Paraben Free SLS Free
Silicone Free Phthalate Free Mineral Oil Free Petroleum Free
Dye & Fragrance Oil Free Synthetic Free Cruelty Free - never tested on animals Vegan

DISCLAIMER: *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. I am not making medical claims, this is not intended to treat cure or heal, I am not promising a cure. Do not ingest, do not put in mouth, eyes.

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