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Cookie Wash Soap feminine care secrets.

Cookie? Nookie? Vag? Purse? I could go on, with the names given to a woman's private area, medically known as the Vagina and Vulva.

Washing and caring for your _________whatever it is you call yours, is vitally important and is of equal importance to cleansing your face, in my humble opinion.

Let's go with Cookie for this particular article, shall we? 

Cookie Soap Wash in Romania is prăjitură, refers to the feminine hygiene cleanser you use to properly care for your "cookie".  An age old recipe for a wash and soap, plus an herbal water fell into my lap many years ago, from a good friend who was born in Romania, named Anna. 

Anna told me a long story about her Grandmother and Mothers homemade skin and body care recipes that were a secret. She said she would share them with me and started to reveal to me all about proper care of the vagina/vulva, even though at first I protested and became embarrassed (I was 21 and very private).  She insisted that the recipes were not to be written down, and only shared with family. The word "cookie" kept coming up, and I understood it to be the nick name that these women had assigned to their vulva-vagina.

Included in the ingredients from the recipes were fresh aloe juice, Bulgarian rose water, lavender and castile soap to name a few.  Another recipe was with rhassoul clay, apple cider vinegar, vanilla and some plant oils. I kept those ingredients in my mind for years and finally wrote them down one day, not knowing why. 

Forward 28 years, of making the washes and cookie soap for myself as well as family. My (grown) own daughters used these very preparations as children/teens. I had sold them on and off since 1999 in my own skin care spa in Delray Beach called SkinRx, and to salons in Fort Lauderdale, other East Coast Florida Spas and Salons.  Enter 2016 VSoFresh, a feminine care product line featuring those ingredients from centuries old recipes of amazing women. I began, once again, selling the feminine wash cookie soaps and feminine foaming wash and sprays online as well as early 2016.

Our VSoFresh Feminine Hygiene Products are natural, and without any perfumes or dyes. 75% of the ingredients in this very special product are Organic. They are plant based ingredients that will gently yet thoroughly cleanse your delicate lady bits leaving you refreshed and feeling wonderful.

The products will help keep (cookie) vaginal your pH at a normal low acidic balance so as to avoid bacteria which causes odor. Once the pH gets above acidic, into Alkaline, the bacteria invades and then odor results from that.  Along with the bacteria and odor, itching, yeast can get out of control and cause Bacterial Vaginosis which is very common. Many soaps and washes for female hygiene contain toxins, perfumes and dyes. These toxic ingredients do not help, rather they cause a new set of challenges.

Natural and mild is the way to Wash your cookie ladies!  And your cookie will thank you. 

The best way to start using this wonderfully fresh and effective feminine care product line is to choose the Cookie Soap Bar or a Foaming Wash. You don't need both. 

Next select the Feminine Spray and finally a balm or oil if you need moisture or relief from itching or dryness.

The Rescue Balm is extremely popular and it addresses BV and Yeast issues quickly. Always use the Wash and Spray with this Balm and any of the balms

The Moisture Balm addresses vaginal dryness or slight discomfort from minor itching or irritations.

The Revive Balm is meant for Menopause or Post Menopause where the vagina and urethra area start to atrophy due to age. This balm is loaded with sea buckthorn and other oils that will revive moisture and keep the vulva youthful.


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