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 Are you a skin foodie?

Having been in the skin care business for nearly 40 years, I have seen just about everything come and go and some come back again. What I have learned through the plethora of skin care products I have used and sold, as well as educated others on, is that NATURE knows best, and whenever possible, we should use organic clean pure formulas and ingredients to care for the largest organ of our body, our skin.

A tender new born baby gets exposed to some truly awful harsh chemicals, most of which are in the baby care products that a loving parent or grandparent buys at the grocery store. I write about these ingredients here on the blog, and hope that it is helpful to a mom or dad out there who wants the best and safest options for their family. We all have a choice, and with some label scrutinizing, and a few google searches it becomes quite clear, very quickly, that natural ingredients are the only way to go whenever possible.

I have spent a year (a labor of love) formulating and testing botanical blends to produce my latest and yes, greatest formulas to date. For instance, my new 100% active face oil with the multi-correcting activity and penetration of a super hero serum rests on ancient time honored traditions and exacting methodology. Each oil and ingredient was chosen not only for its own individual effectiveness, but also how it will work in synergy with other winning botanicals.
While other products use time saving and less expensive extracts, we begin with whole, nutrient dense Organic, non gmo, cruelty free, cold pressed & virgin oil, fair trade coconut and shea butter, as well as other skin loving botanicals.
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Best wishes in your journey to seek natural solutions for your skin and body care.
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