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Glycolic AHA's Renew You!

Alpha-hydroxy acids occur naturally in several foods types. These are also known to us as citric from fruits, malic from apples and lactic from milk. Glycolic Acid is also well know and it comes from sugarcane.

A natural exfoliating process will take place when the acids are applied to the skin by loosening away the outer layer of dead skin which is then sloughed away.

Once this process takes place new cells are generated and they reveal, smoother skin and a healthier complexion.

There is not another ingredient in skincare that is as powerful as AHA's when it comes to peeling away dead, rough and uneven layers of old skin. No AHA's are not shells that grind, polish or enzymes that dissolve surface skin cells. AHA's work by dissolving the glue-like lipids that hold skin cells together and can penetrate deep into the skin to loosen these clingy bonds. When dead cells are decreased, there are fewer cracks and fissures that can lead to irritation or tiny wounds where bacteria can enter and cause acne.  The skin is healthier acting and younger looking.

Blackheads a problem?  With AHA's the dead cells plugging pores are dissolved, and brown pigment that has built up on surface of the skin is whisked away while cell renewal is returned to a rate closer to what it was at 30 years of age. 

Just like members of any family, each of these AHA's has some unique characteristics related to size difference. First is  Glycolic acid which is the smallest molecule, so it goes to work the quickest and deepest, however it can also be the most irritating. Lactic acid is the second largest and is touted by many researchers to be the new acid of choice since it does not penetrate as deeply. Less irritation is felt, but it still gives great smoothing. In fact, in a study done by Walter Smith, Ph.D, a biochemist and independent researcher, the therapeutic index that measured the rate of cell renewal compared to irritation from glycolic and lactic acids was very  close, at about 5 percent lactic acid measured in at 12.7 while the same percentage of glycolic acid was 12.6.

Now, the next up in size is going to be tartaric and malic acid, followed by citric, gluconic.  These work only on and near the skin surface, so they take longer to show improvement, but are virtually guaranteed not to sting or burn and won't redden your skin.

Now you know! AHA's are amazing to renew reveal and refresh, plus they are all natural.  We have several amazing products with AHA's. 

Rose Glycolic Mask, AHA Glycolic Skin Cleanser, Booty Polish, and finally the Lactic Lotion 12%


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