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Skin Food?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it is under constant abuse as well as use . Feeding your skin is twofold, you feed it through foods and liquids you ingest, and you feed it externally with...well, what are you feeding your skin with on the outside? Your skin loves hydration, moisture, protection and you, your skin loves you. It protects you and holds everything together pretty darn well, dontcha think?

Feeding the skin externally with organic (whenever possible) plant based cold pressed oils, exfoliants, and essences, is a win win for you and your skin.  A naturally based fresh ingredient skin ritual based on botanicals (plants) is easily adapted to and will benefit the appearance and feel of your skin greatly. Luminous skin glows with health, you have seen that person, haven't you?  The one who is glowing and has little makeup on, the one who looks radiant and fresh. What is her secret?

Where to start? Let’s gain some knowledge together on the amazing yet simple ways you can cleanse, tone, smooth, soothe and protect your skin to achieve the "glow".  Plants oils and extracts include items such as: The Holy grail “coconut oil”,  Aloe Vera Gel, Essential Oils (from plants, not synthetic perfumes), Clays, Muds, Exfoliants, Moisturizers like shea butter, oils from plants such as Argan Oil, Tamanu Oil, Grapeseed oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil and more should be in your bathroom, or on your list.  If you have never cleansed your face via the "Oil Cleansing Method", you really won't believe how amazing it is.

Ever wonder how, as a society, we got so far away from nature? How is it that our government has allowed such harmful chemicals to be placed in our products and foods is the question.

I am dedicated to helping you and yours find healthy safe alternatives to harmful cosmetics and personal care items. As well, I have a vast knowledge of skin challenges and helpful tips for acne, rosacea, scars, aging skin, psoriasis, eczema and more.  Share with me your skin challenges if a post I write is relevant to you, lets talk about what has worked for you and what has not.

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