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Microdermabrasion Scrub

Microdermabrasion Scrub

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4 oz jar = weight of a 1/2 pound of skin-renewing micro-dermabrasion scrub exfoliator

- the holy grail of at-home skin renewal

- the mother of all scrubs-peels

- you have not used a product like this ever!

Clogged pores? Blackheads? Brown Spots? Discolored Skin? Lines? Splotches? Acne?

You will NOT BELIEVE the results you can get from this all in one skin renewal resurfacing paste-peel.

Available in a 2 oz glass jar or a 4 oz BPA plastic free jar!

You won't open this jar, and see any dyes, or a lot of liquid or gel or water,( a waste of your money) instead you will see a thick moist paste loaded with exfoliating and skin lightening-renewing natural ingredients.

I promise you that you have never had a product like this. I developed it 15 years ago, and it is a WINNER, THE ONLY product like it! And in regards to unclogging pores, dislodging blackheads, renewing facial glow, sloughing off dead skin and brown spots, diminishing acne scars, it is amazing and fast, giving your skin a glow that will amaze you. Your skin will feel like silk, look lighter, and GLOW like crazy. Brown spots, scars, lines, and clogged pores quickly improve. IF you have clogged oily skin, this exfoliant is a game-changer for you.

Simply clean your face, leave it damp. Dampen your fingers. Remove a nickel-size portion from the jar. Massage in circular motions for a minute OR LONGER all over face-neck-chest or back. Rinse off very well with medium warm water. FOLLOW with a toner or gel moisturizer. VERY IMPORTANT TO DO THIS, you do not want to leave your skin bare and without the protective layer-acid mantle that you just removed. AVOID EYES. DO NOT INGEST Start out 2X week, then increase to 3-5 X week

Ingredients: Crystal Corundum (all-natural), Bamboo Powder bead (round and not damaged at all) Organic Aloe Jelly, Green tea Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Lime (brightens skin), Organic Rice Powder (lightens skin fast), Sodium Bicarbonate (dislodges junk in pores), MSM (stops redness, lightens spots, heals scars), Glycolic and Lactic Acids 5%
Avoid the sun OR wear a sun block
This is not a medical promise, I am not a Dr. This is not approved by a physician

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