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Oat Butter Cream
Oat Butter Cream

Oat Butter Cream

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Irritated, Eczema, Psoriasis, Palmoplantar pustulosis, dry or raw skin will love this soothing and nourishing luxurious shea butter loaded with oat Extract, Oat Milky Tops, and Organic Oat Oil.

Babies to adults,  This is a LOVED product at SkinFoodFix

8 oz tub is filled to the top and weighs about 10 ounces

Soothe and calm your skin with nourishing oat extract and its amazing nutrients, vitamins. Oats soothe, relieve itching, and calm body + mind. This is the healing moisture balm your skin has been waiting for.

Oats and oat Oil are loaded with ceramides AND Silica! Together they literally fix your skin and seal it with luscious hydration and silkiness from the silica.

About this butter - moisture balm: 8 oz tub You will see tiny brown golden flecks all through this product because that is the OATS! showing they are in there in an abundance. I use 3 parts of the Oat Plant 1 Oil from the seed of oats -2 Milky Tops and 3 Extract from Leaves

Aroma?: All natural and smells like Oatmeal with a hint of sweetness from the amazing Nilotica Shea Butter. You can eat this, but don't because it is for your body skin and Calendula does not taste great

Texture? - Like a stick of butter feels that is in the refrigerator. As soon as it touches the skin it melts and floods skin with moisture and protection along with soothing comfort

Color? Tan  Size? 8 oz plastic tub round

How to use: HEAD TO TOE! On clean skin, apply it several times a day. Dab on, massage in well, it will penetrate in a few minutes. Apply it to the scalp and leave on then shampoo out. Apply to any part of the body including genitalia if needed. Try it in a shower for intense hydration and moisture by washing, then rubbing the Butter into problem spots. Continue to shower and do not rinse it off. Towel off gently allowing some to stay on the skin.

Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Nilotica Shea Butter, Organic Oat Oil, Oat Straw Extract, Oat Powder, Organic Calendula Oil

Who needs it? Any skin type from baby to adult. Great for Psoriasis, Plaque Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, DRY Skin

Did you know? 50% of human skin is composed of ceramides. Oat Oil is the only carrier oil with a high level of ceramides, as well it has an extreme moisturizing vitamin E content. Ceramides are a long chain of lipid molecules that are praised for their moisture-retention capabilities. This Oat Oil and oat extracts along with the Nilotica Shea will have an oily feeling and then it is easily absorbed into the skin.

Oat oil's fatty acid composition includes over 35% omega fatty acids. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic (18:1) and linoleic acid (18:2). Additionally, this oil is a noteworthy source of anti-oxidants and glycolipids

Locks in moisture levels by forming a physical barrier to epidermal water loss, preventing further drying. This works where other creams have failed. Dry cracked red raw hands or feet, this is the remedy!

I am not making medical claims or promising a cure. I realize that you make the choice to try products based on your own research sometimes and I offer them to you in the way that I describe.

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