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vegan turmeric butter moisturize thin dry skin
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Turmeric Butter
Turmeric Butter

Turmeric Butter

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What is it? This Turmeric + White Turmeric butter is a luxurious, organic, and amazing skin treat with intense moisture and skin lightening and brightener that you cannot find anywhere else! Available in a 8 oz BPA free plastic jar

What is it for? Lightening and brightening your skin, lightens the dark dead layers/flaky skin/dull skin dark spots, moisturizing dry thin skin like arthritis or elderly skin types and dry crepey skin, winter skin that is cold (this is warming), and sun damage.  Your body can have a melanin imbalance, resulting in dark spots on face or body.  Turmeric can I hi it the over production of melanin by applying it topically.

Use this amazing powerhouse hero skin butter on your face or body. It deeply and effectively moisturizes dry thin skin!

Why is it different from others? I use the very rare, expensive white turmeric called Poolankilangu Curcuma Zedoaria, also called Haldi in Hindi. No one else I know of uses this exotic form of Turmeric in skincare products. The unique reason it is so rare is that that is only grown during monsoon season in the Himalaya Mountains! It is considered medicinal there and is highly treasured. It is a pale yellow-beige color and never stains your skin!

Directions: Use on cleansed skin of the face, body, or scalp by massaging in a small amount well. For scalp, shampoo out in 30 minutes or so. For skin, leave on all day or night.

Ingredients: Shea butter and mango butter RAW fair trade cold-pressed, monsoon white turmeric, curcumin turmeric, turmeric essential oil, sandalwood India oil, lime, and lemon essential oil, rose absolute essential oil, Amyris essential oil

What does it smell/feel like? Exotic with a hint of rose and a stronger note of sandalwood, crisp citrus note, and turmeric spice. The texture is just like butter! As soon as you touch it, it begins to melt and soften

Read more about the skin benefits of Turmeric on our blog

Fun facts! Anyone can take a kitchen spice turmeric and rub it on their skin or mix it with some coconut oil. But it stains and does nothing else because it is a culinary cooking ground up spice that you can buy at the grocery store. You are better off eating it than putting it on your skin, it will darken your skin with its yellow dye and make you upset! If you are looking for real turmeric beauty products, don't buy a bright orange one, it was made with cooking spice turmeric. It stains and has no lightening benefits.

There are 4 "turmerics" and they belong to the Ginger family.

1. Turmeric Cooking Spice from the turmeric root that you buy in the grocery (has minimal nutritional or health benefit)

2. Curcumin which gets separated from the turmeric root and is used in supplement pills or high-end skincare because of its high anti-oxidant and health value,

3. Essential oil of turmeric which is a dark yellow and very pungent with a lot of health benefits and is superior on the skin and body

4. White Tumeric Root, it is medicinal and HIGHLY effective, does not stain, is beige in color, and harvested only 1 time a year. White turmeric, also called Amba Haldi in Hindi, naturally grows in the Indian Himalayas and is cultivated for its medicinal properties. Unlike other types of turmeric, White turmeric only grows during one season: the monsoon season, which makes it rare and precious, as well as expensive. It contains Vitamin A, minerals, fats, and amino acids. No other Turmeric is equal to this phenomenal rare Turmeric. It is a light beige color, no orange or any yellow at all.

This butter also contains Tumeric essential oil, which adds extra healing and lightening power. The real raw fresh oil from the turmeric seeds is in the root plant. It is rare and highly sought after, the darling of skin lighteners. It is expensive and hard to come by. It's literally the bomb of all skincare ingredients for spots, aging, bumps, acne! The white turmeric oil and root powder are anti-septic and anti-bacterial. 

Beneficial Properties of White Turmeric
-Anti-aging properties thanks to Vitamin C
-Lightens scars and evens skin tone
-Fights acne bacteria and yeast-fungus

Medical studies found online show that skin cancers can be treated with turmeric curcumin. 

All formulas are clean. No chemicals, dyes, or perfumes ever! Completely pure, effective, vegan, and natural. Made in small batches weekly. The product will last 6 or more months, avoid getting any water in the jar. 

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