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mct calendula oil Malessezia yeast
Calendula + MCT Oil
Calendula + MCT Oil

Calendula + MCT Oil

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What is it?  Cold pressed from the organic flowers of Calendula, this rare extract combines forces with MCT Oil to soothe irritation and improve your overall complexion, all while fighting harmful bacteria, fungal yeast, and Demodex mites. This lightly moisturizing, chemical, dye, and fragrance-free oil will leave your skin feeling non-greasy and radiant. You can feel relaxed while soothing and treating your sensitive skin with this vegan, lightweight product. 

Who is it for? Suitable for most skin types, this product is formulated particularly for those with rosacea, fungal acne, yeast conditions, Malassezia, Demodex, and mites. 

This won't clog your pores or feed mites, yeast, or fungus! MCT and Calendula oils have a 0 comedogenic rating. Great for lightly moisturizing Chaotic skin types, acne, and follicular acne. No greasy after feel, this is light and penetrates the skin fast.

Why is it different from any other? We use a very rare, expensive double-extracted cold-pressed Calendula oil made from organic flowers of Calendula, and the phenomenal MCT Oil that does not allow fungus, yeast, or acne bacteria to "feed" off it or thrive from it.

If you have mites, fungus, or yeast, you cannot use regular skin care products. You have to use MCT oil or Squalane oil ONLY for moisturizing! You can't use the regular oils or skin creams because the mites-fungus-yeast can feed from the oils and waxes which causes them to thrive, survive, and multiply.   

Some of the major benefits of this oil are:
1. Radiant, bright, smooth skin.
2. Mites, Demodex, Yeast, and Fungus die off & kills them.
3. Visibly luminous complexion.
4. Improve skin tone and texture.
5. Moisturizes the skin lightly.
6. Inhibits pimples, itchiness, and balances out your skin's oil sebum production.

No chemicals or dyes, no perfumes. Pure, effective, vegan, and all-natural.

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