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Vaginal Wash pH
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Vagina sweet cookie foaming wash
Sweet Cookie Wash Foam
Foaming Vagina Wash - pH Balancing
Vagina odor wash
Foaming wash wild flowers
Foaming Vagina Wash - pH Balancing
Foaming Vagina Wash - pH Balancing
Foaming Vagina Wash - pH Balancing

Foaming Vagina Wash - pH Balancing

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An all-natural feminine foaming wash! No perfumes or dyes or toxins!

This formulation is truly amazing in so many ways, from the creamy rich lather that rinses clean to the feeling of fresh and hydrated.

Why do I have odor down there? That is normal question to ask, and it is usually due to overgrowth of bacteria. Washing with this Vaginal Wash - pH Foaming Wash will stop odor and or itching in its track.  What causes these feminine problems and what is the importance of your vaginal pH? 

Antibiotics,  Period and After Period, Sex, Certain Foods, Stress, Dehydration, Breast Feeding, Menopause, Child Birth.

The acidic environment of the vagina (3.8-4.5)  is a natural barrier to infection and irritation since it represses the growth of bad bacteria which prefer less of an acidic environment. This means that as long as our good bacteria count is high and the vaginal pH is acidic, bad bacteria have a very slim chance of overgrowing, making the chance of infection low.

When the vaginal pH value is increased above the value of 4.5, bad bacteria take the opportunity to develop and grow, quickly causing odor and eventually causing an infection. This can result in discharge, odor, itching, and other discomforts. Changes in pH value are often connected to bacterial vaginosis.

We formulated this plant-based- herbal foaming, organic ingredient feminine/intimate cleanser with infused heavenly aromatics that are naturally deodorizing, soothing and relieving. Every ingredient serves a purpose.

Free of sulfates, propylene glycol, parabens, perfumes, phthalates, and harmful chemicals, it is pH balanced, 100% plant vegetable-based, and rich in soothing herbs, vitamins, nutrients to protect and nourish your sensitive intimate skin.

You can use this soft, creamy, foaming moisture wash on the external vaginal area/vulva, and ALL OVER your body. This is a total natural wash for all of you. Combats B.O REALLY well.

✿ Wildflowers -  Rose, Organic French Lavender, Neroli, Chamomile, and Hypericum flower hydrosols: anti-septic and anti-biotic, helps purify, relieve pain, eliminate odor, and soothes inflammation.  Ingredients: Organic Aloe Leaf Juice*, Saponified Coconut Oil*,  Olive Fruit Oil*, Saponified  Jojoba Seed Oil*

✿ Healing+pH Balance - Smells a bit like a cookie!  , Ingredients:  Organic  Aloe Vera Gel, Cucumber Extract, Echinacea, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar -Saponified  Organic Coconut Oil*,  Olive Fruit Oil*, Saponified  Jojoba Seed Oil*:  This refreshing, gentles natural disinfectant, anti-fungal, pH adjuster, relieves painful menstruation, and itching. PERFECT for postpartum recovery.


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