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WAP Pills for Lubrication + Moisture

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Need some help with a WAP? (Hey Cardi B + Megan Thee Stallion 👋)

These Wet Pills are an all-natural supplement from nature that relieves dry vagina syndrome fast! Safe and effective in just 2-3 days,

Slippery elm bark and magnesium have been used for hundreds of years to increase slippery wet mucilage tissues in our body, and relieve stomach lining irritation, dry throats, dry eyes, and more. It just so happens that the vagina also responds to it and becomes very "juicy' and naturally lubricated!

30 or 100 pills with a safety sealed bottle and childproof cap. For ages 18+

Take 3 a day for 3 days, then just 1-2 a day. Drink plenty of water with it. It starts to work in 2 days or sooner with more water

Ingredients: slippery elm bark powder extract, magnesium stearate in a vegi cap

PLEASE check out our all natural feminine / vaginal health cleansers and balms 

Balms for Vaginal Health

MOISTURE BALM =  Quickly rejuvenate dry thinning tissue - My all Natural & Organic & Vegan vagina balm will help rejuvenate and hydrate vaginal dryness due to menopause, breastfeeding, childbirth, or other conditions. This is a highly effective anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial (germs bacteria) with organic ingredients help reduce irritation, itchiness, redness and burning of your delicate female tissues. Not condom latex compatible. Non GMO. Fragrance free, no dyes chemicals or perfumes

YONI RESCUE = Use as your vegan, first aid balm for BV Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast Infections, Micro Tears, Irritation from a passionate experience. urine that stings, odor, fresh wounds from surgery or child birth, ORGANIC PERSONAL DRY VULVA LUBRICANT - Non sticky, smooth, oil based natural personal lubricant is formulated with your safety in mind as to not cause yeast infections or UTI's during intimate use.  Not condom latex compatible. Non GMO.

REVIVE Menopause Dryness is the ULTIMATE in moisture nd repair for atrophy that happens with age, But don't let it happen, use the balm and the wet pills for a younger Vagina! Sea Buckthorn Organic Oil to the rescue!,  Mild aroma of orange and sea buckthorn


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