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Sulfur Cream Acne Malassezia
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Sulfur Cream No Tea Tree - Acne + Malassezia

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What is it? 10% Sulfur Cream for the treatment of acne, fungal acne, malassezia

What does it do? Dries excess sebum, acts as anti-bacterial to kill fungal and yeast issues. Improves redness while reducing the bacteria that cause acne, and it also removes dead skin cells and excess oil. 

How to use it?   Patch test first on a small area of facial skin.  Apply to clean, dry skin sparingly onto the areas of concern.  You can apply it a second time in the day or night, after a shower. If your skin starts to get too dry, then only once a day or every other day. Safe for skin, scalp, male genitals, armpits, and on pets (but they cannot ingest) Avoid eyes, do not ingest, and out of reach from children, it needs to be safely applied. Do not smoke while using. Sulfur is all-natural, but it is still a chemical to be respected.

Ingredients: distilled water, 10% pharmaceutical grade sulfur, grapeseed oil, coconut oil,
plant emulsifying wax, non-nano zinc oxide, turmeric essential oil*, avocado oil, abyssinian oil, leuconostoc/radish fruit ferment (natural preservative), citric acid, rosemary leaf extract (organic*)

All packaging is BP Free + non-toxic, available in a 4 oz jar

Vegan, Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free, Organic Ingredients, No Synthetics or Sulfates

ALWAYS PATCH TEST SULFUR CREAM IN a small area PRIOR to applying all over face or body.  Wait 12 hours to see if there is a reaction.  Use Sulfur Cream and Sulfur Soap 1 X a day only.

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