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hysterectomy vaginal dryness remedy
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Supplement Pill Vaginal Dryness Lubrication  TS
Supplement Pill Vaginal Dryness Lubrication  TS
Supplement Pill Vaginal Dryness Lubrication  TS

Supplement Pill Vaginal Dryness Lubrication TS

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These Wet Pills are an all-natural supplement from nature that relieves dry vaginal tissues and other dryness like in the eyes, stomach, throat fast! Safe  Natural and effective in just 2-3 days,

20% of the sale from this product will go to OCRA Ovarian Cancer Research. If you spend $20 then $4 goes to OCRA and so on.  OCRA is looking for a cure and trying to develop a screening test for Ovarian Cancer, currently there is no screening test.  Signs and symptoms are:  Bloating, frequent urination, feeling full easily, not fitting into pants that you recently did, abdominal pain or pain in pelvic floor,

Slippery elm bark and magnesium have been used for hundreds of years to increase slippery wet mucilage tissues in our body, and relieve stomach lining irritation, dry throats, and more. It just so happens that the vagina responds to it and becomes very "juicy' and naturally lubricated!

After my radical hysterectomy and Ovarian Cancer Stage 4 Diagnosis, I realized I was very uncomfortably dry and irritated in the vaginal, vulva, urethra areas.  I began taking these pills and literally had relief by the morning of day 3. I had been retailing these pills for years to women who were in menopause, but I had never needed or used them myself, until now.  I use them every single day.

Surgical menopause, regular menopause, and ovarian cancer can wreak havoc on your entire body including vulva/vagina and urinary tract.  Slippery elm is sometimes recommended to people who experience unexplained inflammation of the urinary tract, like those with interstitial cystitis (painful bladder syndrome). Slippery elm powder is thought to soothe the lining of the urinary tract.

Bowel issues? This lubricates and soothes the bowels too!  Makes bowel movements much easier after just a few days.

30 pills with a safety sealed bottle For ages 18+

Take 3 a day for 2 days, then just 1 a day after for maintaining the moisture. Drink plenty of water with the pills . It starts to work in 2 days or sooner  ALWAYS take this 3 hours apart from any other medication, so that the other medication won't get moved trough the system too fast from this slippery elm.

Ingredients: slippery elm bark powder extract, magnesium stearate in a vegi cap

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