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Rosewater Toner Spray
Rosewater Toner Spray

Rosewater Toner Spray

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What is it? Pure hydrosol of Bulgarian roses with no alcohol! Available in either 2-ounce glass spray bottle or 4 ounce BP free plastic spray bottle

Use it how? As a facial and body toner. Mist on and feel the sweet aroma and hydration of roses. This resets the pH/acid mantle skin barrier which stops dryness or irritation after cleansing. Toner is a very important step in proper skincare.

Who is it for? any skin type, even the MOST SENSITIVE, with no sting, just pure hydration and soothing, moisturizing hydration with gentle astringent properties.

Pure Rosewater is an amazing soothing natural astringent-toner. The most popular use is where irritation, acne, oily, sensitive or skin burns abrasions are of concern.

I have never been without a bottle of Rosewater since I was age 12, and my Grandmother gave me my first bottle. I won't ever forget her handing it to me, with her hands so soft, and her telling me how she sprays it on her hands and face every day. Ahhhh, memories. It is amazing on sunburn, as a daily toner, for irritations or wound cleansing. No stinging and feels lovely on the skin, and smells like a summer rose garden

Organic, hydrosol of Organic Bulgarian Rosewater with no alcohol.

Keep it in the refrigerator if you want a very cool mist! Spray it on your bed sheets, your lingerie, you panty drawer. Spray it at that time of the month as a refresher. Carry it with you for your car, office, or dorm room,

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