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brush on sunblock spf powder zinc
spf mineral powder sunblock
Brush On SPF 50 Powder Sun Block
Brush On SPF 50 Powder Sun Block

Brush On SPF 50 Powder Sun Block

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FINALLY, a dry sun block that won't clog your pores or cause the summer "slide off" of your makeup. So perfect for Rosacea, Acne, Fungal, Malassezia and even children.

This anti-aging all natural mineral sunscreen/block is formulated from simple ingredients that are powerfully effective at blocking harmful aging rays of the Sun and Atmosphere.

One of the major advantages to our special mineral powder formulation is that it's very skin-friendly. Since it is designed to sit on top of your skin rather than penetrate, like most liquid or gel sunscreens, it will not be an irritant or cause pores to clog

SPF 50 Powder is available in a sifter jar or it comes housed inside our brush applicator, Our brush was specially designed to make the sunscreen application process as easy and care-free as possible. Just open it up, shake it downward to get the powder flowing, and brush it on your skin—it really is that simple.
NEW SPONGE APPLICATOR- Amazing blending application sponge Flocked thick oblong.  Re-use over and over, just wash it.

Ingredients SPF 50 Powder - Transparent Zinc non nano, Mica, Silica (the brush bristles are vegan, non animal hair nylon)

Ingredients SPF 25 Lip Gloss: Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Castor Seed Oil, White Lily), Evening Primrose Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E, Natural Vanilla. Zinc Non Nano, Mica CI 77019

Easy to use, goes on quickly, reapply with ease if you get the Brush. Apply an reapply all day long.
2 ways to buy the SPF 50 Powder. In the 4 gram Brush Applicator or in the 5 gram sifter jar.

The equally as exciting SPF 25 Lip Gloss works alone or over your lip stick. It has a sheen and slight shimmer. Feels light, non sticky. Slight aroma of vanilla.

Perfect sunscreen for all your outdoor activities
Can be worn over, under or without makeup
Safe for children and sensitive skin
Goes on translucent - won't affect your normal skin tone (possibly will look pale on very dark skin)
Great for protecting skin, scalp, part lines and thinning hair
Easy to apply to hands and arms when driving
Non greasy texture, no messy hands or white residue
Won't run in or sting your eyes
Sweat and water resistant for up to 80 minutes
Does not stay in clothes, upholstery or sports equipment
Compact self-dispensing brush - put it in your bag or pocket and go
Won’t loosen your grip! Ideal for tennis, golf, biking or any sport where greasy, slippery hands are to be avoided
Reef-friendly Mineral Sunscreen no banned chemical sunscreen actives

Q. Is the brush refillable? A. YES, at the bottom you can access a portal to refill. 
Q. Do you sell refills? A. I sell the Jar with Sifter 5 grams. however it is better in my opinion to buy a new filled brush because it only costs $3 more than the jar you would refill with.
Q. Can you clean the brush? A. Yes, You can use Alcohol or a small amount of brush cleaner on a towel and wipe brush off. Don't get any liquid at the base area or near the powder, if you do, this will ruin the entire functionality of the product.
Q. Can I use on child or baby A. Yes, at your discretion, BUT you don't want the product inhaled by the baby or child. It is a powder, and should not be inhaled, like any other powder.

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