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RELIEF Cream for Itching Skin

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What is it? All natural vegan  Skin Cream for  Itching that happens from mites or Scabies 4 oz jar           

WHO is it for? Humans with Scabies, or  Mites or itching in skin or scalp.

Can be used for animals as well, but they cannot ingest it.

What does it do? Soothes the itch, FAST!  Helps to kill off NATURALLY the mites or scabies chiggers, etc.  

How to use? Every day, cover all the skin affected, with this cream. Coat your skin well, massage it in. Leave it on for 6 hours if you can. You can apply it a second time in the day or night, after a shower.  Safe for skin, scalp, female OUTER genital area but be careful it tingles a lot, male genitals, arm pits. Avoid eyes, do not let children have the jar, it needs to be safely applied. DO NOT INGEST.

All packaging is BP Free not toxic

Vegan - Non GMO - Cruelty Free - Organic Ingredients - No synthetics - no Sulfates

I formulated this silky whipped skin cream called Relief Cream  4 oz jar

This is a miracle soothing cream with zinc and essentials oils as well as msm. It feels great on the skin, smells good, and can be used 3X a day, head to toe. Cover yourself in it at bedtime and protect your skin/scalp as well as soothe it.
Ingredients in this light whipped cream: nilotica shea butter, fair trade coconut oil, organic aloe gel, 20% non nano zinc oxide, 10% organic tea tree oil, 10% organic clove oil, 10% lemongrass oil, palmarosa oil, cedarwood oil, star anise oil, sunflower seed oil, opti-msm, plant wax, sorbic acid, optiphen


Try the Tea Tree Spray Toner    to clean area and set the pH back before applying the Relief Cream.  Use the Neem Turmeric Scrub in the shower 3 x a week on the areas of concern.

If you have scabies , YOU CAN BEAT THEM, but you must be diligent. It takes about a month to get control over the infestation you were "given".
Any human can get scabies! It presents itself about 4 weeks AFTER you were exposed to them. Close skin contact is how scabies are passed to another human, or sleeping on same bed-couch-etc.

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