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feminine cookie soap
feminine cookie soap
feminine cookie soap
feminine cookie soap

feminine cookie soap

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Packaged in White or Pink Paper Bag

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This all natural and 70% organic soap is truly divine at helping you establish a proper pH and odor free V ! 4 oz cookie shape

It will leave your lady parts smelling sweet like a cookie, thus the smooth edge round cookie shape we gave this special soap. (we noticed other soaps for the V area have hard rectangle rough edges...OUCH! ) Your curvy round smooth new bestie soap has the ability to keep your pH normal thus a fresh clean V all day long

Organic Olive Oil, Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Rhassoul Clay, Probiotics Vegan Organic Yogurt, Organic Aloe Vera Gel.

*Apple Cider Vinegar and yogurt probiotics are in this special soap, you can help your vaginal pH stay on the acidic end of the scale.* (the soap does not sting, it is soothing and refreshing)

*Moroccan rhassoul clay (the Arabic name for rhassoul means "washing"), enhances the cleansing properties while not irritating your very sensitive skin. Rhassoul Clay is silky when wet, and has been valued for centuries due to it's balancing mineral content that naturally detoxes and cleanses your skin body and hair.*

*Organic Olive oil, Fair Trade Coconut Oil and Organic Aloe give extreme moisture and soothing to the delicate area.

Each soap is shaped by hand =and may vary in color and exact design.

This all natural soap has 0 perfumes, colorants, chemicals BUT it does have a light sweet ALL NATURAL aroma, almost like a fresh baked cookie! To extend the life of this soap please keep it in the pouch it comes in when NOT is use. Alternatively you can keep it in a soap dish that has NO water in it and is OUT of the spray of the shower.