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Relief Cream - Itching, Mites, Scabies 4 oz jar

Relief Cream - Itching, Mites, Scabies 4 oz jar

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Relief Cream 4 oz jar

This is a miracle soothing cream with zinc and essentials oils as well as msm. It feels great on the skin, smells good, and can be used 3X a day, head to toe.

Cover your skin/scalp in it at bedtime and protect your skin/scalp as well as soothe it, while killing mites and relieving itch.

ingredients in this amazing light whipped cream: nilotica shea butter, fair trade coconut oil, organic aloe gel, 20% non nano zinc oxide, 10% organic tea tree oil, 10% organic clove oil, 10% lemongrass oil, palmarosa oil, cedarwood oil, star anise oil, sunflower seed oil, opti-msm, plant wax, sorbic acid, optiphen

For any skin condition with itching, or mites, or scabies. Use 2X daily. Wash hair and face daily with my tea Tree Shampoo+Body Wash