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Demodex Mites and Scabies Skin Kits
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Demodex Mites and Scabies Skin Kits
Demodex Mites and Scabies Skin Kits
Demodex Mites and Scabies Skin Kits

Demodex Mites and Scabies Skin Kits

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Scabies all natural Cream and Wash

Who is this for? Humans with Scabies and or Demodex Mites in skin or scalp. If you have scabies, YOU CAN BEAT THEM, but you must be diligent. It takes about a month to get control over the infestation you were "given". Any human can get scabies! It presents itself about 4 weeks AFTER you were exposed to them. Close skin contact is how scabies are passed to another human.

These all-natural products and skin kits will help to rid yourself of the scabies mite or the Demodex mite and is done naturally + safely without the toxic harmful pesticides a Dr's office will tell you to use.  All packaging is BP Free and easy to use + open. What does it do? Kills the scabies mites AND soothes your skin with tea tree, turmeric and more!


There is an invisible layer on the skin that is healthy which is called the "Acid Mantle". IT gets removed whenever you wash your skin. The tea tree toner will "re-set" it for you and keep you protected from bacteria. When your acid mantle is healthy and working right, the mites cant infest and take over. You can actually control the infestation and get your skin back to normal!

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural pH adjuster. Skin mites cannot tolerate this, and their bodies break down quickly with the acetic acid in the Apple Cider Vinegar
Tea Tree Oil is simply a must-have for skin mites + scabies. It has been clinically proven to kill them in 20-50 minutes.

Tea Tree Skin Toner: 6 oz spray. Ingredients: pH 4.2 Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree leaf Oil, Organic White Willow Bark (anti-acne and calms breakouts), Polysorbate 20, Tetrasodium Glutamate  6 ounce bottle 2X a day

Sulfur (Sulphur) Soap: The 4 oz bar of Sulfur Soap  is antibacterial and drying, thus helping kill the mites and dehydrate them. The sulfur soap is hand made, with no toxic chemicals or perfumes or dyes. Added in is jewelweed oil to help with itching, calendula oil to help with healing, and Apple Cider Vinegar for pH balancing. Use 2X a day for scabies.

Relief Cream:  4 oz jar. This is a miracle soothing cream with zinc and essentials oils as well as MSM. It feels great on the skin, smells good, and can be used 3X a day head to toe for Demodex or scabies. Cover yourself with the relief cream at bedtime on the skin/scalp to kill the mites as well as soothe the skin. The ingredients in this light whipped cream: nilotica shea butter, fair trade coconut oil, organic aloe gel, 20% non-nano zinc oxide, 10% organic tea tree oil, 10% organic clove oil, 10% lemongrass oil, palmarosa oil, cedarwood oil, star anise oil, sunflower seed oil, Opti-MSM, plant wax, sorbic acid, optiphen. Use this at least 1-2 times a day. This cream is whipped and light feeling and feels like silk going on, and it's not greasy at all! Avoid Eyes. It tingles, that is normal.

Sulfur Cream  4 oz jar. This silky whipped sulfur cream is formulated with Aloe Water, Tea Tree Oil, Cleanser Lather, Aloe Juice, Sulfur Powder (Pharmaceutical Grade), nilotica shea butter, fair trade coconut oil, neem oil, turmeric oil, sunflower seed oil, plant wax, sorbic acid, + optiphen.

Tea Tree Mint Shampoo + Body Wash  8 oz bottle. Fights lice, mites, follicular infections, itching, dandruff, and Demodex. You can wash head to toe with this awesome hydrating gel cleanser. It has a great lather and is very cooling and soothing. Also a wonderful face cleanser! (avoid the female genital area) IF you can keep your eyes closed and be careful, then use this to wash your eyebrows, and entire eye area. Rinse well. This will kill the mites on your brows and lashes. NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate!

How to use it? Every day and cover all the skin affected with this sulfur cream OR the relief cream. Do not use both at the same time! Coat your skin well and massage it in. Leave it on for 8-12 hours if you can. You can apply it a second time in the day or at night after a shower. If your skin starts to get too dry from the sulfur cream, then use only 1 time a day and use the relief cream in place of it twice a day. It is safe for skin, scalp, male genitals, + armpits. Avoid eyes, do not let children have the jar, it needs to be safely applied. DO NOT INGEST. Do not smoke while using. Sulfur is all-natural but it is still a chemical to be respected.

 What's included in the kits:

3 Piece
Tea Tree Toner, 6 oz
Tea Tree Oil in MCT Base, 2 oz
Tea Tree + Mint Hair and Body Wash, 8 oz

4 Piece
- Tea Tree Toner, 6 oz
- Sulfur Soap Bar, 4 oz
- Neem and Turmeric Scrub, 4 oz
- Relief cream 4 oz OR Sulfur Cream, 4 oz 

7 Piece 
Tea Tree Toner, 6 oz
Sulfur Soap Bar, 4 oz
Charcoal Tea Tree Bar, 4 oz
Neem and Turmeric Scrub, 4 oz
Body + Hair Mint Tea Tree Wash, 8 oz
Relief cream, 4 oz 
Sulfur Cream, 4 oz 

What to do next:

Your house, bedding, car, phones, and everything you touch or use will need to be cleaned and sanitized and or vacuumed. Sheets, pillowcases, bath towels, and bathroom carpets have to get washed every day. Vacuum every day and keep your house bright during the day, especially the bedroom.

What to do when you get your kit:

Wash your body head to toe twice a day. Apply the Tea Tree Toner next. Now choose from the sulfur cream, the tea tree oil, or the Relief Cream. Use one of those at least twice a day on your skin and scalp area. If you have scabies, then apply it everywhere you are itching.

Contact me for instruction or help once you get your products. I am here for you!

IMPORTANT: The scabies mite is RARELY found on the face and is USUALLY on hands, arms, elbows, knees, waist. But the Demodex mite is ALWAYS found on the face,  head, ears, eyes, brows, lashes. The Demodex mite is on nearly EVERY human, but when rosacea is present, the mites seem to be much worse and in a large amount that your skin cannot handle. Scabies life span is longer than Demodex (about 2 months.) Demodex has a cycle of life that is about 14 days.

Use these products for several months to be sure you have stopped the infestation.

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