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Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Skin Wash
Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Skin Wash
Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Skin Wash

Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Skin Wash

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🌿 What is it? An all-natural foaming skin cleanser that balances pH and leaves skin comfortable and soft. 6-ounce foamer bottle (recycled HDPE)

🌿 Who is it for? anyone with irritated skin that is itchy or red.

🌿 Where can I use it? Anywhere on face, body or scalp + hair. Not for internal use. Very helpful for women or men who have an odor in the genitalia areas.

🌿 What does it smell like? Natural, fresh with a hint of sweetness from the apple cider vinegar.

This gentle effective formulation is truly amazing in so many ways, including the creamy rich lather that rinses clean and leaves you feeling fresh and hydrated.

I have formulated this luxurious plant-based- rich foaming, organic wash to combat irritation, itching or dryness. The organic apple cider vinegar is a true superhero for your skin. It balances, and keeps skin at the pH it should be at which is about 4-5. Once our pH goes UP to the alkaline side of the pH scale, we can feel itchy, feel dry or irritated. Nearly EVERY soap on the market is alkaline! Shampoos too, which can make your scalp itch.

You can use this soft, creamy, fluffy foaming moisture wash all over your body and hair. Great for babies that have skin problems, or to wash the cradle cap flakes away! (Not for internal use, keep out of eyes)

the Ingredients: Purified distilled water with Aloe Leaf Juice*, Saponified*Olive Fruit Oil*, Saponified Hemp Seed Oil, Saponified Jojoba Seed Oil* Organic Apple Cider Vinegar * Rosemary Leaf Extract * Tocopherol (Vit E) *Saponification is the amazing natural process of turning oils into a soap=lather.

follow this cleanser with a toner, such as the pH Spray (fights odor-itch-irritation and leaves zero smell-aroma after a few minutes)

ingredients in the pH Spray:
Distilled Water, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Non-alcohol Witch hazel Distillate, Helichrysum hydrosol (antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and heals wounds), Tea Tree oil for cooling effect and to counteract bacteria while promoting healing

This all-natural personal body and scalp spray have 0 perfumes, colorants, or chemicals. Comes in a spray bottle 4-ounce size or moisturizer such as my all-natural MSM Cream (lightweight and fragrance-free too)

Why and What about pH? What exactly is pH value and what does it have to do with itching, irritation, psoriasis.

pH is a scale that indicates the acidity and alkalinity. The range goes from 0 to 14, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline. Water is pH 7, which is generally referred to as pH neutral. Your skin has a range it needs and WANTS to stay in of 4-5.5. A healthy vaginal pH value is somewhere between 3.8 and 4.5, well into the acidic range. a simple shower or bath can actually disrupt the pH of the skin! Water is a higher pH than your skin. You need to help your skin by using slightly acidic soaps and sprays if you suffer from itching or irritation. some people are just fine with the water pH, but many are not, and itch with discomfort during the day and night.

What can cause a pH problem with itch and or odor?

1 Constant removal of your skin's natural acid mantle barrier of lipids that protect you and keep your skin comfy. (Bathing, Showering, too hot of water, chlorine pools, high pH shampoos and body washes with perfumes and dyes, synthetic dyes and perfumes in your lotions or creams)

2 Shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, home sprays that are synthetic, like Febreeze for instance

3 Laundry detergents with colorants and perfumes

4 Too alkaline of a pH in your water, because when your skin is MEANT TO BE AT a slightly acidic pH of from 4 to 5.5 and it is over that, in the 6-9 range, you will feel irritation, itch or discomfort. Once your pH goes OVER 5.5, you now risk the chance of itching, flaking and also bacteria growth.

5 Antibiotics and many other medications.

Paraben, SLS , Perfume , fragrance and dye free. Non GMO Vegan Cruelty Free Organic Ingredients