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White Turmeric Scrub
White Turmeric Scrub
White Turmeric Scrub
White Turmeric Scrub

White Turmeric Scrub

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What is it? Skin Scrub Exfoliant with Turmeric and MCT Oil 8 oz LARGE Jar

Who is it for? Most skin types except sensitive and very dry. Great for Chaotic skin types, acne, follicular acne, demodex, fungus.

Why is it DIFFERENT from any other? I use the very rare, expensive white turmeric called Poolankilangu cucuma zedoaria, no one else I know of uses this exotic form of Turmeric in skin care, and the unique reason it is so rare is that that is only grown during monsoon season in the Himalaya Mountains! It is considered medicinal there, and is highly treasured.

Who is it for? Oily skin clogged pores, Back Acne, Chaotic skin types, yeast, acne, follicular acne, demodex, fungus.

Use it where? Face/Body/Scalp

Turmeric + MCT Oil Scrub comes in LARGE 8 oz jar bpa free plastic. Use this amazing power house hero skin exfoliant to remove the dead layers blocking pores, excess oil, flaky skin and more. It addresses bacteria, fungus and yeast by wiping it out.

How to use: Body-Scalp Use in the shower, apply to wet skin. massage in, leave on skin for a minute, scrub gently off. Rinse.

Ingredients: fine sea salt, MCT oil, organic WHITE turmeric root powder, Yellow-Orange Turmeric Powder,
Turmeric essential oil, Organic Holy Basil- tulsi essential oil, Sandalwood oil, organic rosemary leaf extract, orange oil

LARGE 8 oz Jar - plastic (bp free) or glass

So what do you know about turmeric? There are 2 turmerics and they both belong to the Ginger family.

Beneficial Properties of Turmeric
Anti-aging properties thanks to Vitamin C
Brightens scars and evens skin tone
Fights acne bacteria and yeast-fungus

I harness the power of white turmeric because it is so powerful as an anti oxidant and anti inflammatory, as well as the simple fact that it does not stain. White turmeric, also called Amba Haldi in Hindi, naturally grows in the Indian Himalayas and is cultivated for its medicinal properties. Unlike other types of turmeric, White turmeric only grows during one season: the monsoon season, which makes it rare and precious, as well as expensive. It contains Vitamin A, minerals, fats and aminos.

I also use yellow-orange turmeric because of the vitamin c, anti-oxidants, color and the aroma. Together, both turmerics give skin a seriously healthy glow and brightening effect. They are anti-septic, anti-bacterial
NO chemicals or dyes, no perfumes. Pure/effective/vegan/natural
MCT Oil will NOT clog your pores OR feed mites-fungus-yeast! This is an oil that you can use all over head to toe for moisture and soothing. Your skin will get soft and smooth, but you WILL NOT be feeding a yeast-fungus.

Use it where? Face/Body/Scalp

No chemicals or dyes, no perfumes. Pure/effective/vegan/natural

DISCLOSURE: I am not giving medical advice, none of these products have been approved by the FDA.

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