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WAP Pills for Lubrication + Moisture

WAP Pills for Lubrication + Moisture

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Need some help with a WAP? (Hey Cardi B + Megan Thee StallionĀ šŸ‘‹)

These Wet Pills are an all-natural supplement from nature that relieves dry vagina syndrome fast! Safe and effective in just 2-3 days,

Slippery elm bark and magnesium have been used for hundreds of years to increase slippery wet mucilage tissues in our body, and relieve stomach lining irritation, dry throats, and more. It just so happens that the vagina responds to it and becomes very "juicy' and naturally lubricated!

30Ā or 100 pills with a safety sealed bottle andĀ childproof cap. ForĀ ages 18+

TakeĀ 3 a day for 3 days, then just 1-2 a day. Drink plenty of water with it. It starts to work in 2 days or sooner with more water

Ingredients: slippery elm bark powder extract, magnesium stearate in a vegi cap

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