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Hibiscus Seed Oil

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What is it?  Organic virgin hibiscus seed oil naturally strengthens hair and reduces hair loss. It is naturally anti-aging to reduce fine lines and improve the skin's elasticity to prevent pre-mature aging.  AKA," the botox plant".

Hibiscus Roselle aka bissap, has skin-firming powers that are well documented, and it is touted as a natural 'Botox." due to antioxidants present that decrease elastase activity, which causes break down of our elastin (we don't want that). It also contains vitamin C, which promotes the production of collagen, which maintains skin elasticity. 

Hibiscus oil helps to reduce dandruff, itchy scalp, pre-mature greying, and acne blemishes. Blackheads are unclogged by hibiscus oil because it contains natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHA)

Our Organic certified hibiscus seed oil is virgin, organic, cold-pressed and extracted from the Hibiscus Sabdariffa plant, commonly referred to as the Roselle plant, yielding a yellow appearance with a characteristic mild aroma. We hold certificates for our plant oils and butters. This roselle hibiscus oil is from the faraway land of Tunisia

It is loaded with antioxidants and gentle natural acids that exfoliate and rid hair follicles of dead cells to help with new hair growth. It is rich in nutrients like amino acids and vitamin C that are necessary for producing keratin (the building blocks of our hair!) and collagen to ensure healthy hair growth. The AHAs found in hibiscus help get rid of dirt and chemicals in your hair and scalp, which rehydrates the hair’s keratin fibers.

The amino acids add strength and elasticity to the hair, making it strong to prevent hair breakage. These flowers also improve the blood circulation under the scalp to stimulate healthy hair growth, even from dormant follicles and bald patches. 

Read more about hibiscus oil benefits on our blog, here!

Directions for skin use: After cleansing & toning skin, apply 2 drops to fingertips and then gently work into skin, including under eye area and lips.

Directions for hair use: Use 3 times a week, apply 10 drops all over the scalp, then massage in well. Leave on for 15 minutes and shampoo out. This can also be applied sparingly to ends of hair as a heat protectant & to tame frizzy, dry ends