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MCT oil with Turmeric Folliculitis, Fungal Acne, Skin Lightening

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MCT OIL and Turmeric Skin Care   

What is it? An organic skin oil with Turmeric and MCT Oil. Non comedogenic and not greasy

60% MCT OIL and 40% ORGANIC TURMERIC ESSENTIAL OIL  2 oz Glass Dropper Bottle

Who is it for? Most skin types PARTICULARLY Fungal Acne, Yeast, Malessezia, Demodex, Mites

How or why? Great for lightly moisturizing Chaotic skin types, acne, follicular acne, demodex, fungus. No greasy after feel, this is light and penetrates fast.

NO CLOGGING OF PORES! These 2 oils havea 0 comedogenic rating

Size 2 oz Glass Dropper Bottle

Why is it DIFFERENT from any other? I use the very rare, expensive cold pressed essential  Turmeric Oil from the seeds in the Root from India and the phenominal MCT Oil that does not allow fungus or yeast or acne bacteria to "feed" off it it or thrive from it.

IF YOU HAVE MITES FUNGUS YEAST, you cannot use regular skin care products. You have to use MCT oil or Squalane oil ONLY for moisturizing! You can't use the regular oils or skin creams because the mites-fungus-yeast can feed from the oils/waxes etc and thrive/survive/multiply. MCT oil and Turmeric Essential Oil are a dynamic duo powerhouse that will SHUT DOWN the bacteria, fungus, yeast in your pores and stop folliculitis/yeast/demodex mites.

Use it where? Face/Body/Scalp 2 times a day on cleansed dry skin.

Beneficial Properties of Turmeric
Anti-aging properties thanks to Vitamin C
Brightens / lightens scars and evens skin tone
Fights acne bacteria and yeast-fungus

Read more about Turmerics skin benefits on our blog

PLEASE USE MY Charcoal Gel Cleanser OR Charcoal Tea Tree Soap Bar to wash with
Please use my Tea Tree Apple Cider Vinegar Toner right after washing/rinsing skin
Then use this oil blend all over face/neck or wherever you need moisture AVOID GETTING INTO EYES

DO NOT USE ANY OTHER CREAMS LOTIONS ETC. Use my products for a month.
Change your pillowcase daily.
Change sheets every 2 days
Change Bath Towel Daily
Thoroughly wash and dry well anything you use on your head-face-body. (Hats-Brushes-Combs-MakeUpBrushes-Sponges-Scarves-

MCT Oil will NOT clog your pores OR feed mites-fungus-yeast! This is an oil that you can use all over head to toe for moisture and soothing. Your skin will get soft and smooth, but you WILL NOT be feeding a yeast-fungus.

No chemicals or dyes, no perfumes. Pure/effective/vegan/natural

Some of the clear benefits of this oil are -
1. Radiant, bright, smooth skin.
2. Mites Demodex Yeast Fungal die off - kills them.
3. Visibly luminous complexion.
4. Improve skin tone and texture.
5. Moisturizes LIGHTLY the skin.
6. Inhibits pimples, itchiness and balances out your skin oil.

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